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Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Cheer Directors Allison Hunt or Kim Oliveira if you have additional questions regarding the Windham Wolverines Cheer program:

  • Allison Hunt: 
  • Kim Oliveira:

Please review the Parent Handbook to learn more about the Windham Wolverines Policies.

What is the 2023 Registration Fee?

The registration fee is $345 for the first family member, $310 for the second member, $205 for the third member and $120 for the fourth member. 
Maximum per family is $700

A $50 calendar raffle will be required at registration (all registrants must purchase the calendar).  

$150 deposit is required to register and final payment is due by May 1st. There are NO REFUNDS.


State rules mandate that all paperwork be finalized prior to the start of the first practice or your child cannot participate.

What is the required time commitment? 
The 2023 season begins on August 1st and ends the first week in November for the regular season.  Teams practice 2-4 nights per week; cheer for 8 regular season games; and compete in 4-5 local competitions and the NH State Competition.
Should football or cheerleading teams advance to playoffs (for football) and/or Regional and National Competitions for cheerleading, the season is extended through November and even early December. Please reference the Windham Wolverines Handbook for details on requirements and travel policies.
Where do the practices take place? Practices will be held at Center School, WHS, or Middle School. Coaches will notify of practice location.  

What if I have a scheduled vacation during August? Being part of the Windham Wolverines requires a big commitment from both parents and youth participants. Cheerleading is a rewarding but also demanding sport. Parents and cheerleaders should become familiar with the time commitment and expectations prior to registering for the program. In general, cheerleaders are expected to be at EVERY practice beginning on the very first day of the new season and up through the last day. This includes all summer practices so please plan family vacations or other events accordingly.
Please note that the head coach reserves the right to dismiss or limit a cheerleaders participation from a game and or competition if he/she believes the cheerleader has not met team expectations related to attendance, especially when the coach feels that safety is an issue related to a cheerleader being unprepared for competition. 
Where are games played?  Cheerleaders are expected to cheer for all 8 regular season games and playoff games. Home games are played at Windham High School and away games will be in northern NH which means some travel may be required. Games begin the week before Labor Day, skip Labor Day weekend and then continue until the end of October. Playoff games are in November if the team qualifies.
What are the costs associated with Cheer? In addition to the league registration fee, there are other costs associated with cheerleading throughout the season. They include, but not limited to:

  • Bodysuits/Crop Tops – $15-$30
  • Boy shorts/briefs – $10- $20
  • Socks – $3-4 (per pair)
  • Sneakers – $35 - $90
  • Practice shorts and T-shirt – $20/each
  • Ribbons/bows – $40 (for all 3 game, competition & practice bows)
  • Spectator tickets for competitions – $10-$15 (per competition)
  • Travel associated with competitions – Contingent on location

Estimated fees based on per participant not per family.

What is a "returning wolverine"?

If you were a football or cheer participant in the 2022 season, then you are considered a returning Wolverines participant.